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Be apart of the first 1000.

As a thank you for being here from the start, I want to give the first 1,000 people a free month of LikeMind+, a special in app achievement, and a verified 'Early Adopter' badge. let's make this the best productivity app ever made. Use code DAYONE to redeem your free month.

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974 remaining


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Get some cool stuff

I want everyone to know who the real OG's were. This is why you will have a special achievement and founder's verification badge for all to see.


Connection's that matter

This app is not just a tool for tracking your habits, goals, and tasks; it's also a platform for expanding your network. We've already facilitated 9 connections, and we're excited to see that number grow—with you. 😉

The stats so far 🤔

We currently have 8 members who have downloaded the app. Those 8 members have completed 97 tasks and achieved 3 goals over the last 28 days. That's pretty awesome.


This WILL be the best productivity app on the market. I will continue to add features based on your feedback. Right now i have multiple features in the pipeline. If you want to learn more about those features check them out here

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