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Understanding Our Pricing Structure

You might be interested in knowing where your money is going and why the price is set at $12.99 usd /mo for LikeMind+

There are four key reasons behind the development and structure of our pricing model.

4 Key Reasons:

Features / Database

Our app is pretty data heavy, mainly because we prioritize providing real-time updates that users can share with each other. This focus on access to immediate information leads to higher database costs, as it demands more resources than periodic updates would. For a deeper understanding of how database pricing works, feel free to check out this link here.

Bots and spam

One thing that can ruin a user's experience is the presence of bots or spam accounts. We encourage the sharing of project links, motivating others with helpful content, and forming friendships beyond the platform. In order to create an authentic environment, we use a subscription model to filter out individuals who might otherwise exploit these features for their own gain.


Ads would defeat the purpose of this app's existence. The main focus of this app is to help you get stuff done - period. The best way to do that is to make a clean, quick, and easy way to log your goals, tasks, and build your network. Sifting through ads, and waiting 15 seconds every time you open the app would make using this app a chore instead of a seamless, motivating experience. We are here to make your life easier, more organized, and efficient. Ads would detract from that mission.

No rounds of funding.

Our app is self-funded and operates without external investment. Unlike many tech startups that rely on investor funding to run at a loss in anticipation of a lucrative public offering or acquisition, we maintain complete control to stay true to our mission and values, providing a reliable and user-centered service.

As always, if you have any more questions about our pricing feel free to reach out. Contact Us 

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