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Upcoming Features

LikeMind will continue to grow. And here is the vision for the future.

Feature Pipeline


Private or shared Journal

Recording journal entries provides a great way to reflect on your current journey. In the near future, you'll have the option to consolidate your thoughts in a single place, with the flexibility to either share them or maintain them as private reflections.


Journal Stories

Stories will be integrated into networks to help share real-time achievements and activities. These stories will take the form of journal entries, allowing you to transform your daily journal into a story, inspiring and motivating others while showcasing your personal journey.


Pro Statistics

While we already have a solid foundation for tracking your task progress, there are numerous additional statistics that can extremely helpful for achieving your goals. Our plan is to consistently introduce in-depth insights into your past accomplishments and provide strategies to enhance your future success.


1 on 1 Challenges

Friendly challenges will serve as an easy icebreaker when connecting with new people These challenges will revolve around task completion, exploring new experiences, and competing to make each day or week as productive as possible. Your performance in these challenges will contribute to your "challenge win-loss ratio."


+ Community

A space where every LikeMind+ member can exchange thoughts and seek guidance.



In the summer of 2024, we're introducing an exciting new feature called "Conquer." It's not just a game; it's an ongoing adventure where you'll conquer a virtual world map using task completion as your strategic advantage. Join forces with fellow members, form teams, and engage in friendly competition as you strategically allocate your group's points. Stay tuned for more details, coming soon!

* Version number estimated

As always, if you have any suggestions on new features to add, Contact Us 

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